College and Scholarship Application Essays

“I am returning this otherwise good typing paper to you because someone has printed gibberish all over it and put your name at the top.”

Unknown Professor, Ohio University

College admission officers will tell you that your application essay is the single most effective way to set yourself apart from all the other applicants who apply.    Many college applicants will tell you, however, that the prospect of writing one fills them with dread.  It doesn’t have to be that way!

Your essay is your opportunity to include accomplishments, challenges, and other aspects of your life that have impacted you, and made you the person that you are.  Used effectively, the essay can communicate the real you in a way that cannot really be captured by just filling out an application.   An illustration from real estate might help you understand the point I am trying to make. Imagine that a house is for sale.  Your application is like a picture of the outside.  Think of your essay as a guided tour of the inside of the house.   People may decide to take a tour if the picture of the outside meets their criteria, but the sale will be made based on what they find inside.  It’s where they will live, after all.  To summarize, your essay is very important!  A poorly written essay may undermine your academic record, while a well written essay may elevate it.

Pre-Writing, Prompt Selection & Planning Workshops

For some, trying to get started is the hard part.  Students often don’t know what to say, let alone how to say it.  For those of you in that category, I have designed a workshop where we begin by first generating  a list of possible essay topics.  From there, we move on to evaluate which essay topics might benefit your application the most.  Finally we put those together to come up with a topic, and then create a writing plan that you can use to actually write it.

Writing & Refining Workshops

Some students have already begun writing their essays when they consult me.  For these students I can prepare a detailed written analysis of their essay, after which I will meet with them to go over it, and then I will guide them through the revision process.  Often students want another pair of objective eyes to read their essay and make sure it communicates what they intended.   Others want confirmation that they have effectively supported their thesis.  I have other clients that may find themselves having a hard time communicating their point within the essay’s word limit.   I can help you with any or all of these issues until you have an essay that you feel proud about submitting.

Just to Clarify

Although I will write a resume for you or a grant proposal, I will NOT write or edit these essays for you.  I believe doing so undermines the intent behind requiring an essay in the first place.   In my experience, colleges request that students submit essays to get a feel for the students’ writing abilities, and also to learn more about who the students are by what they write.  I will coach you so that you can express your own ideas in your own words.

If that is the type of help that you want, I’d love to hear from you!

At the present time, I offer 3 different  one-on-one college application essay workshops.  If you are interested in learning about those, as well as their  pricing information, please contact me.

My contact information is listed under Company Info, but you can also reach me using this contact form.